His wife does not want the dog to sleep in bed, so he makes a radical (and funny) decision

"It was really fun to go so far.

Violet is an adorable female Carlin who loves to be cuddled while sleeping. Fortunately for her, she fell into the perfect family .

It all started last summer when McKenna decided to adopt a puppy. Not very starving, her parents finally decided to give in and Violet arrived.

"My father was not going out for a dog at all, it took a good week before he accepted it. Of course, my dog ​​found something in my father that she loves, it became her favorite and since they are the best friends of the world , "explains McKenna.

Finally very well integrated into his new family, Violet has even found her place for the night: the parents' bed! And no one saw anything wrong. Until recently

About a week ago, Violet had a routine operation and now wears a collar to not remove her stitches. It is therefore impossible to bathe for a few days .

It was then that McKenna's mother decided that Violet would not sleep in her bed until she could take a bath, because she smelled too bad . Instead of protesting, McKenna's father made the decision to go to sleep with Violet!

Seeing this scene, McKenna's mother was obviously dead with laughter. Fortunately for everyone, Violet was able to remove her collar and find her place in the bed .

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