His Pitbull rushes over a boy screaming, he follows him and understands with horror why

You have to Always be wary of appearances.

Dangerous dogs have been at the heart of a debate for years now. And the story of Hurley could well make you think about it

A walk that goes wrong

While he walks with his dog - a Pitbull named Hurley - a master hears the cries of a young boy . Immediately, his dog begins to change direction to rush to the shouting side. It is then 10 pm and Hurley walks without a leash because there is hardly anyone out at such a late hour.

A little worried, Hurley's master rushes after him to make sure everything is fine It is on arriving near the boy that he realizes that his dog has just saved his life by killing a very dangerous snake. Without Hurley's presence, the child could have been injured.

Saved, the child rushes to find his parents while Hurley's master contacts the police to report the snake. Upon arrival, the police examine the brave dog and discover with astonishment that he was bitten in several places and bleeds.

Love What Matters

After a night under observation to receive various treatments, Hurley was better. He was able to go home. The owner of Hurley's staff then proceeded to post a message - quickly turned viral - on social media to tell Hurley's great feat and to point out how much the dog described as dangerous has shown. goodness and courage to save an unknown child

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