His dog understands that he is very bad, approaches and saves his life (Video)

While he was about to commit suicide, his dog did something extraordinary (Video)

Byron is a young man living in Britain. Following a breakup, Byron fell into a serious depression and could no longer see how to support his daily life. He then began to drink more than usual on a regular basis to try to drown his sorrow . In vain.

Finally, after several months of drinking each day, Byron decided that life was no longer worth living.

His dog saves his life

One day, quite drunk, Byron took a rope to which he made a note. Then he climbed to write a farewell letter for his relatives. It is while going down the stairs that he discovers that his dog has taken a rope in his mouth and refuses categorically to return it to him.

At first, Byron thinks that the dog wants just to play, but it does not is not the case. Geo wanted to save his life by preventing him from accessing this rope. As soon as Byron tried to retrieve the rope, Geo held it even stronger, not hesitating to show the fangs. Finally, after a few minutes the rope was nothing but shreds.

"In a way, I think Byron knew what I was going to do . Dogs have a 6 e meaning for these things. He knew something was going to happen.

Hard farewells

Over time, Byron started to regain control and decided to heal his depression to get through it and start a new life. Unfortunately, he had to cope with Geo's illness, which had only a few days to live.

After having tried everything to save his faithful companion , Byron decided to make his last days the most beautiful. Geo has since succumbed to his illness, but he has always been surrounded by love.

Since then, Byron has never forgotten him and remains eternally grateful for what he has done for him.

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