His dog rushes towards a pile of snow, he approaches and realizes that it is not at all that

A real emergency

While walking with his master, a dog stopped in front of what looked like a pile of dirty snow. But in reality it was not at all that. On the floor was actually a small opossum that was in dire need of help .

Very skinny, flea-covered and totally motionless, the opossum seemed to be in great pain. Without thinking any longer, the master then decided to take the poor little animal to Wildlife Haven Waterloo (WHW) as soon as possible.

A real little flying

On the spot, the founder of the premises It does not come back when he sees the state of the opossum that should already be dead because of its low weight and state of dehydration very advanced. But obviously the little ball of hair had decided to fight to live .

The team then decided to pass a radio to the little opossum named Saber. There, they discover that the left leg of the opossum is very damaged, which explains why it did not move almost. Especially since his other front leg was missing.

To put the little Saber on legs, the team is mobilized 24/24 to provide all the necessary care, including to treat his infections but also feed him and re-hydrate it.

Ten days after his arrival, Saber is already starting to get better. The small opossums e now feeds alone and even goes into bed! For now, his condition is still a little uncertain, but everyone thinks he should be able to use his paw again in a while. In the meantime, Saber is enjoying life and is recovering little by little.

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