His dog killed by a police officer, he claims 1.2 million euros in damages

On June 18th, while defending his own garden, in Salt Lake City, USA, the dog Geist was shot by a policeman . At the age of 2, the magnificent Weimaraner was the collateral victim of the frantic search for a missing 3-year-old boy in his neighborhood.

Killed in the head

But if the child The boy was quickly found safe in the garage of his house, Geist did not survive the investigation. In search of the child, a police officer broke into the garden where the dog was playing. Seeing an intruder at his home, the Weimaraner was aggressive and the policeman panicked twice and shot him in the head .

Upset, Geist's master, Sean Kendall, has since been determined to do justice to his dog. A Facebook Page bringing together some 80,000 people to date has been created to support Geist's family in his fight. And more than 6 months after the tragedy, a lawsuit against the authorities of Salt Lake City was filed.

"Kendall was deprived of his life with Geist"

"Geist was deprived of the most of his life, and Kendall was deprived of his life by Geist , who can not be replaced, any more than a child or other family member can be " according to the complaint filed by lawyer Ross Anderson, reported Salt Lake City Tribune .

An internal investigation was conducted to conclude that no offense had been committed by the Officer Olsen, the policeman who shot Geist. The sum of $ 10,000 was offered to Sean Kendall in compensation, but the man refused the offer to ask for more. The Geist owner is claiming some $ 1.5 million, or about $ 1.2 million.

"The Salt Lake City Police have no training in animals or how an agent must act to protect himself and the animal, "said Sean Kendall. He added that he would not be satisfied until the police changed his policy on the use of force against dogs.