His dog is weird, he follows him in the bathroom, looks in the tub and does not come back

A very amazing encounter.

Crosby is an adorable dog a little sad since he lost his two friends. Six months ago, he had to say goodbye to his cat friend, and a month ago to his dog friend he had always known. Two big losses for the brave dog who has a little morale at half mast ...

A surprise in the bathroom

As he comes home from work, the master of Crosby finds his dog a little agitated. He quickly understands that he actually wants to show him something and follows him. The dog takes him into the bathroom and looking in the bathtub, he discovers a cat !

"I had never seen this kitten before and even if we have a small door for the dog to come in, it is too high for the kitten. In my opinion, it is Crosby who brought the kitten with him to make a new friend, especially since it looks a lot like the one we just lost.

Crosby's master then decides to take the little cat to the vet to find her owners, but she was not chipped. By calling in the shelters, he understands that the cat will be euthanized for lack of space and then decides to keep it with him !

More happy than ever to have a new girlfriend, Crosby has passed his time to hug him and the two friends quickly became inseparable .

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