His dog has a bigger inheritance than his son

A woman has bequeathed $ 3 million to her little Chihuahua named Conchita. His only son received "only" a million dollars.

Gail Posner, a wealthy American, died in March at the age of 67. In addition to the fortune left to her dog, she left 27 million dollars to the staff of her villa in Miami, Florida. Their mission is to take care of the dog throughout his life. Two bodyguards have been hired to look after the Chihuahua!

The little dog has at his disposal a house of 7 rooms and swimming pool . He travels limousine and eats good meals prepared by the cook...

Gail Posner's son, named Bret Carr, is absolutely not satisfied with this situation and decided to seize the court . He will have to determine if the rich American had all his head when making inheritance choices, and if his house staff did not try to manipulate it.

Gail Posner was a eccentric woman with exuberant style : it is not surprising that she continues to talk about her after her death!

This reminds us of the story of Gunter IV, German Shepherd who inherited a sum of 130 million euros from his father, who himself had inherited his mistress!