His dog eats his phone, he responds unforgivably (Video)

A totally disproportionate and cruel reaction

When he was only six weeks old, Tuffy had the bad idea of ​​eating his master's phone. Furious, the latter decided to punish him by pouring boiling water on it before throwing it from the fourth floor . Fortunately for Tuffy, a woman with a big heart was passing by and decided to save him.

Every day for two weeks, Yan took Tuffy to see the vet on a daily basis. Unfortunately, his condition did not seem to improve. The young woman then decided to turn to a specialized association. On the spot, the veterinarian of the association - Emily Drayton - does not return of the state of this poor puppy and has the tears in the eyes .

If the euthanasia has of first considered, finally the veterinarians decided to give another chance to Tuffy who really wanted to fight to live . For months, Tuffy had to wear bandages and endure severe pain before his condition finally began to improve. Because of his burning eyelids, the dog had to sleep with his eyes open...

With time, a lot of love and transplants, Tuffy started to get back on the beast, wanting to eat and go for a walk. His eyes could even begin to close. Tuffy could now rest.

A new life for Tuffy

To his delight, Tuffy continued to receive frequent visits from Yan who even decided to adopt him when it became possible. Tuffy then started living like a normal puppy and took advantage of all the love his new mom wanted to give him. A new life full of sweetness for this dog with so complicated history

Below, you can discover in video the story of Tuffy. Some pictures may be shocking.

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