Her cat escapes the worst after swallowing a toxic product that everyone can have at home

Pauline was very scared for her cat but took him to the vet on time. She has launched a Facebook call to warn pet owners of the danger that may be at home and that few people are paying attention to.

You've probably seen it already, slipped into some packaged foods. Small flat bags, similar to single-use sachets of salt or pepper, but whose contents are not a condiment. They are oxygen absorbers that serve to slow the oxidation of food and contain chemicals that can be a risk if swallowed by a human or animal. But few people know it and are wary of it. Pauline, she was unaware of the danger they represented and her cat was almost very sick.

Confused with a treat

One of these bags was in dried meat treats of which he took the smell. A smell so appetizing that the tomcat went to get it in the trash for eating and swallowed it before his human can remove him from the mouth. Fortunately, she immediately took him to the vet who was able to treat him on time. The animal was at risk of intestinal obstruction because of the size of the bag but especially serious intoxication because the substance contained in this oxygen absorber was irritant .

"After a week of anti-acid treatment and irritating to the stomach, it is much better . But he escaped the endoscopy, or even the operation if I had not been to the vet within an hour, "explains Pauline. To prevent other owners from experiencing the same fear or even worse, she has published a call on Facebook to call caution about these bags that should be marked "do not swallowing "but therefore the composition is not necessarily specified.

" I would like to draw attention to the fact that these sachets are present in lots of treats for cats and dogs and even in food for humans, that 'they are easily ingested and potentially dangerous for animals '. They are also for humans, so be careful and do not let them near your hair balls or your children!

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