His cat disappears, he calls for solidarity and organizes a march to find him

A month ago, a Calaisian was mugged at home and during the fight, his feline has fled. Since then, everything is put in work by the young man to try to find him.

Gipsy the cat remains untraceable. On November 4, Pierre-Antoine Vanderlynden was attacked at his home in Calais-Nord, reported North Coast . An event that was as shocking for the young man as for his little ball of hair: "It was swung a keyboard to go away," he said. effect entrusted. Feared by the violence of the gesture, the cat has not dared, since then, to put the paws home.

And this fact greatly worries its owner since he is just 4 years old, the animal is sick : "He has heart problems. He must take pills and have a specific food, "he said. That's why he's doing everything to bring home companions: in addition to the posters on Tuesday, he organized a first walk through his home with friends and another should take place on December 17.

More than a cat, a best friend

"Some people do not understand how one can be so attached to an animal but Gipsy is very important to me, it's more than an animal, it's like a human," he said. he detailed. And for good reason, guarantors of our health but also creators of social ties, pets are now part of families in which they live.

However, the link that unites Pierre-Antoine Vanderlynden to his twink goes well beyond the simple family link: "He was like my confidant. What I could not tell others, I could tell him to him, "he told the daily newspaper. It must be admitted that cat entered his life at a critical moment for him: he had trouble talking about his homosexuality and was thinking of suicide

The cat is identified

You want to do two happy for Christmas? Allow them to finally be together! Gipsy is a white cat with gray spots. He has green eyes. Moreover, he is identified by means of a tattoo in the ear right: JHA492.

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