High school students offer a second chance to a paralyzed young cat (Video)

A handful of American high school students studying robotics, and a veterinarian: here is a team of shock, that the cat Flipper certainly would not miss to thank if he could speak

A second chance for a cat promised to euthanasia

Because thanks to them, the paralyzed animal is today able to run !

Students at Conifer High School in Colorado designed and manufactured a skateboard for a 9-month-old cat called Pincher , with bone defects. '

Helping this little ball of hair was a real challenge, says Dr. Harry Gurney, of the Aspen Park Veterinary Clinic. The animal's spine is in a terrible condition , completely twisted, " like a telephone cable " explains the vet.

Flipper was about to be euthanized when club students Blitz Robot and the doctor joined forces to try to give him a second chance

Pinball keeps growing

In the long term, the doctors hope to be able to put back in place the spine of the animal. But in the meantime, the apparatus that the young students made for him offers him greater stability , and allows him to train to use his hind legs .
Several prototypes were developed before the right device, perfectly adapted to the cat was created. Flipper quickly got used to this frame attached to his body with a harness. The animal almost immediately went around the clinic!

The whole team now hopes that the cat's hind legs will continue to gain strength.

In recent weeks, Flipper trained to walk 2 hours a day with his device on wheels. And already, a marked improvement has been noted, especially at the level of his right hind paw.

High school students who have spent long months working to help Flipper can be proud of what they have accomplished. It's a real pleasure to see this adorable kitten gamboll in the corridors of the clinic!

A second chance for Flipper, a paralyzed little cat