Heroes of a horror movie, these killer cats will terrify you

Moggy Creature is due out by the end of the year. Featuring cats with demonic instincts, it should delight lovers of horror movies.

Cats, vile creatures? To believe the trailer of the upcoming film by Scott Frazelle, an American director, the answer is yes. In Moggy Creatures, a feature film recently spotted by Allociné, he wanted to give Sphynx cats a chance. Glabrous, they may well give you goosebumps like sharks and other snakes before them. It must be said that they have a very special way of comforting the grieving mother who is the star:

Cats and the cinema

Beyond appearances, these hairless and wrinkled cats remain lovers who love cuddles . Do not go paranoid when you see one!

Moreover, besides Moggy Creature now and Catwoman before, this is not the first time that felines have a place in the 7 e Art. M. Mustache from Marjane Satrapi's film The Voices or the tattoos from Mick Garris's The Night Ripped is the proof!

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