Heroes of a children's book, Galipette the traveling rabbit needs you!

Galipette? He is a real rabbit who - recently returned to France - follows his mistress everywhere in his adventures. For this reason, his life is the subject of books in the process of financing.

The life of the lagomorph is full: since his release from the pet shop, he has had adventures! From the end of his leash , he walked the cobblestones of Paris and greeted the Eiffel Tower, discovered Belgium and said hello to the Manneken-Pis, walked on the port of Amsterdam... to finally ask his cage in Agen. No, you are not dreaming, Galipette the fighter rabbit walks through the streets with his mistress Maricka Hucher, reports The Little Blue .

Galipette This Cute Rabbit

Seasoned traveler whose soft gray coat is an invitation to caress, he titillates the curiosity of passers-by that he crosses outside and triggers smiles almost immediately. So many excuses for meetings, which led her adopter to tell his adventures in four volumes of 48 pages for 7-10 years in addition to having made the star of the Facebook page Galipette this Cute Bunny

Help Galipette and learn about rabbits!

"A rabbit is smart, responsive and can do things on order," she explains. But not only, as she proves everyday. Like dogs and cats, Galipette is a lever of insertion : it gives birth to good humor and thus promotes exchanges between humans. For the young self-publisher, a golden opportunity to be able to orally share her knowledge of the needs and attitudes of her so charming little companion.

Then she decided to go further by setting these meetings on paper. "Galipette himself tells his adventures, the child is immersed in something emotional and magical where he learns to understand the behavior of rabbits in a fun way." But this project at a cost: 750 € which must allow to finalize the cover of the book, to print the first books and to promote it.

For this reason, it launched a campaign of crowdfunding : attention, it does not you remains more than 5 days to allow him to collect the 310 € missing... and try to receive a copy of the adventures of Galipette in Paris!

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