This is Sirius, aka Happy cat, the cat who smiles all day

If Grumpy Cat had to have an enemy brother, he it would certainly be Sirius! Nicknamed The Happy cat by his already many fans , this beautiful black and white cat with green eyes was born with a task under the mouth that gives him a look constantly delighted.

A smile to share

"Sirius came into our lives when he was a 10-month-old kitten with a perpetual smile on his face", write the happy humans of Sirius.

The matou is He is now a little over three years old and still has the same air of him. His smile gives us a smile every day and we wanted to share that with the world. This world does not have enough positivity, so we bring you Happy Cat .

You have to admit that it's hard not to smirk when you look at Sirius's photos that its owners do not tire of publishing on the Instagram account of Happy cat Sirius . No doubt, this adorable feline would get along very well with Shironeko, aka the famous zen cat

Even wearing a bow tie, Sirius still smiles.

Happy cat could give Grumpy Cat some lessons, no?

How to resist in front of such a beautiful feline smile?

Sirius gives a smile every day to his humans and his many fans.

Is not Sirius one of the most adorable cats on the web?

She's not beautiful, cat life?