Here is Garfi, the cat even more grumpy than Grumpy Cat!

His name is Garfi, is covered with long hairs red and her beautiful eyes seem to constantly reveal a mood of... dog! Here is the new best friend (or enemy) of Grumpy Cat , a Persian from Turkey, who has been meeting for a few days on the web!

His human, some Hulya Ozkok, passes his time to take a picture, natural or adorned with all kinds of accessories and created an album just for him on Flickr.

Even more furious Grumpy Cat!

At the end of the bath, when he plays the ball, disguised as Santa Claus, in full reading with his glasses on his nose, surfing the web, bickering with the other family cat, during nap or toilet... Garfi is unveiled from every angle and in every situation, but whatever he does, one thing never changes: his furious look !

These shots are not new, Garfi's album has been around for more than 4 years, but it's only today that the cat even more grumpy than Grumpy Cat has finally reached the rank of feline star of the web that he deserves so much. Better late than never!

If you do not know him yet, do not wait to meet Garfi! Impossible not to like it!