This is Felix, the model employee cat of an English station

Station Huddersfield (England) has a cute tomcat among its employees. And recently, this one was promoted...

A cat that works? "It does not exist, it does not exist. Hey! Why not! ", could have written Robert Desnos. And for good reason, for the past 5 years now, Felix, a pretty black-haired girl, has devoted herself wholeheartedly to the Huddersfield train station in the north of England, where her role is to hunt pigeons. and other rats. With so many years of good and loyal service, she has just received a promotion.

Named very officially "responsible for the fight against pests", she now has - like her bipeds colleagues - a vest of service and a badge to his name.

If we do not know if this promotion was accompanied by an increase in his wages in croquettes, we know nevertheless - from a reliable source - that the popularity of the adorable matou exploded. Its Facebook page now lists more than 35,000 fans against a little less than 2,600 last week

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