Herbie, the adorable puppy who fights to stand up

10 weeks old, Herbie is a very small French Bulldog has a serious illness that prevents him from walking. But the association that has collected it is doing its best to have a happy life.

Herbie has hydrocephalus , a severe neurological abnormality that is characterized by too much liquid in his brain. As a result, he is unable to walk and even to stand on his feet. His chances of survival were slim. With such a disease, it could have been euthanized . But it was without counting on the mobilization of the association Road Dogs & Rescue which took charge of it. Led to a neurologist veterinarian, Herbie was put on treatment to reduce the amount of fluid in her brain. It must also be operated , but not before the age of 6 months.

While waiting for this surgery, the association is doing everything possible for Herbie to grow up almost as what a puppy. " He loves food, chewing on your fingers and playing with a ball," says Nikki Carvey of the association. Herbie is also entitled to hydrotherapy sessions in swimming pools...

© Road Dogs & Rescue

A Acupuncture ...

© Road Dogs & Rescue

And he learns to walk with a cart specially designed for him!

" The goal is to make sure he can stand up and walk alone, so that he has a better quality of life, "says Nikki Carvey. "Then, we hope that the surgery at 6 months will give him a longer, and happier life .

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