Heart broken by a breakup, she adopts a kitten that makes her forget her grief so adorable

This young woman has found the best companion to recover from a separation that has affected a lot

Ayra112 , a user of the social network Imgur says she has always dreamed of adopting a kitten but she never jumped. The opportunity finally came the day she broke up with her boyfriend. This separation broke his heart and the need to have a faithful companion by his side was all the more felt. After brief research, she came across Ginger , a small red cat looking for a home and she knew they were made for each other.

Love at first sight

Ginger joined her man at the beginning of June and ended up charming her with her very cuddly attitude and especially her mania to fall asleep anywhere, no matter how . The day of his arrival, he also demonstrated it to him. After exploring and playing for 4 hours, the ball of hair was exhausted and decided that the back of Ayra112's friend, who lay on his stomach on the ground to continue to have fun with the kitten, would be her bed. Both of them fell asleep, on the tile .

Since then, Ginger found other places of rest but it is against his mistress, whether in his arms or on his legs, or his friend whom he prefers to sleep peacefully, while humming and taking amazing positions . And even if he sleeps a lot, he makes sure every day that Ayra112 is never alone and sad. The best companions!

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