Her dog wakes her up in the middle of the night, when she understands why she runs out

Another little hero on all fours

Ronene Ando woke up a few months ago at the sound of the barking of his three-year-old Pit Bull days of that around one o'clock in the morning. Repeatedly - tired - Ronene Ando asks Ruby to shut up to let her sleep, but the dog does not want to know anything . Sitting down the stairs, he continues to bark.

Ruby, a therapy dog, has been trained to stay calm in all circumstances and to react to stress. When Ronene Ando saw that her dog was refusing to shut up despite her orders, she understood that something was wrong .

"We are living in an isolated and dead end street", said Ando at Fox News "It's not like there's traffic, the neighbor's dogs have not come out..."

Ronene Ando is still trying to get his dog up to calm him down, but after a few minutes, the dog runs down the stairs, still on high alert

A true hero

Ronene Ando decides to follow his dog who has sat In front of the garage door, she continues to bark, that's where she understands the problem because there is a strong smell of propane, and then she quickly goes down into the garage and discovers a radiator running away. she had waited too long, she could have had carbon monoxide poisoning

Thanks to Ruby, the whole family is doing well.

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