His dog plays outside with his daughter and starts to be weird, she goes to see and does not come back

A story that could have ended badly.

It all starts in March 2016 when a two year old German Shepherd is adopted by the DeLuca family in a shelter. Immediately, the dog - named Haus - is very protective towards the two children of the couple: Molly 7 years old and Joey 4 years old

One day, Molly was in the garden with Haus and s had fun picking up toys to give it to him. When all of a sudden, the dog starts to behave in a strange way, to jump in all directions.

Interlocated, Molly's grandmother decides to go out to see what's going on and discovers that Haus was between Molly and a rattlesnake , protecting her from a probable attack.

"He could have run away but he did not. He was protecting Molly so she would not be bitten.

A dog with a big heart

Bite three times, Haus begins to wobble, does not stand on its feet and begins to have difficulty breathing. Seeing her condition, the family decides to take Haus to the nearest vet so that he can be taken care of. On the spot, he is placed under painter because he suffered too much. The treatment is expensive, the family launches a campaign on GoFundMe to receive help. And it is a success since they manage to reap $ 52,000 !

After several weeks of care, Haus begins to catch the hair of the beast and can return home where he resumed his life. Even if it will have taken time, the brave dog is better and can again enjoy his family.

Remember that if your dog is bitten by a snake, it must immediately take him home the veterinarian because the chances of survival are much better if you do not waste time

Below, you can discover the story of this four-legged hero on video.

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