Her dog eats her plane ticket, the competitor misses the 2012 Olympics!

The American Kim Rhode , Olympic champion in 1996 and 2004, is preparing as number of competitors for 2012 Olympic Games !

Reserved ticket, updated passport Kim Rhode was ready to join London when she discovered her plane ticket eaten by her 4-month-old puppy !

Her puppy eats her plane ticket

Today the Olympics begin and Kim Rhode , recognized American printer, almost did not join! His excuse? His baby dog ​​ate his plane ticket ! " I had some problems coming here " she confessed flushing at a press conference.

In addition, her husband had lost his passport! What anguish among the Rhode!

For those who have or have had a puppy, you know what it is! These little balls of hair are full of energy and have only one desire: to play and to chew the life with a full tooth! Norman , the little poodle , wanted him to chew the ticket of his mistress with full tooth!

Kim flies to London, heading to the 2012 Olympics

Fortunately, all is well that ends well! Kim's husband eventually retrieved his passport and the airline, understanding, finally agreed to print a new ticket for Kim!

Did the puppy understand that this note would be the cause of the departure of his mistress? Because the little ball of hair will unfortunately not be part of London and while his mistress flies to the capital of England, the little " nightmare on legs " - as he was nicknamed after the incident - remains in Los Angeles !

We wish good luck to Kim Rhode for the Olympics and we are sure Norman , the little dog, will be very proud of his mistress!