Her dog approaches and is weird, when she understands she has tears in her eyes (Video)

A very beautiful and moving story

It's no secret, there is a very special link between a master and his dog. An indescribable and powerful link. A link that never breaks . And it's not the story of Rachel that will make you think otherwise.

A baby who does not come and a nice adoption

For several months, Rachel and her husband are trying to have a baby, vain. A complicated moment for the couple who then decides to turn to the adoption of a dog to find a little joy of life and share beautiful moments with him . This is how Apollo joined the family to the delight of everyone. Immediately, a special link is formed between Apollo and his mistress. The dog never hesitates to support her in difficult times and is very affectionate.

But after a few months, Apollo started to act in a bizarre way

A happy event

Overnight, Apollo began to behave strangely, doing things he never did: "I remember one day, Apollo put his muzzle on my abdomen and he just sat there for quite a long time.

Astonished, Rachel takes some photos and videos of her dog during these "strange" moments. It is only three weeks later that she will understand the behavior of her dog: she is pregnant . And obviously, Apollo was a little ahead of it and had felt it!

A very beautiful story that you can discover in video below. As for the scientific explanation of all this, the dogs would have a particular sensitivity to the hormonal changes.

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