Hepatic impairment in dogs

The liver is an organ whose roles are very numerous and varied. A pathology of the liver can cause digestive symptoms such as vomiting , for example; but we can not say, every time the dog vomits, that it is a "liver crisis."

Before the symptoms of hepatic failure occur more than two-thirds of the liver must be injured. Hepatic failure can take two forms: an acute form and a chronic form. Immunization has virtually eliminated viral hepatitis

The acute hepatitis most commonly encountered are due to poisoning. The mucous membranes are yellow, it is jaundice. If jaundice remains easy to detect, the veterinarian may still request a blood test to confirm his diagnosis.

Chronic liver failure may follow acute liver failure, or progressively develop on its own. . Depending on the cause of liver failure, the prognosis is good or bad, but it should be known that very few drugs are really effective in curing the liver, and it is important to help the body to defend itself.

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