Aided by a very clever cat, a dog runs away (Video of the day)

Locked in the kitchen, the dog always found a way to land in the living room. To understand what was due, the master placed a camera and ended up finding the culprit...

As true as the dog is the best friend of the Man, the cat can - him - be the best friend of the dog. Yes really. And for good reason: if getting along as dog and cat means bickering from time to time, it does not remove the complicity that can exist between them. An American has paid the price - at his own expense - for the astonishing relationship shared by his cat and his dog.

Indeed, he sometimes left his dog in the kitchen when he was absent. On his return, he always found the latter in the living room without understanding how it was possible. He then installed a surveillance camera... and what was his surprise when he discovered the pot to the roses!

Always ready to give a paw to his best friend, the cat - trickster - hesitated never to give body and soul to help him escape from the room so he can find the comfort of the sofa. It's beautiful, is not it?

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