Hekan, the dog that rides on horseback

Hekan is the name of an incredible dog! This superb Border Collie lives in Australia and his hobby is not really banal. Hekan does not spend his days playing ball, no this amazing dog prefers to ride !

Hekan masters, Steve and Sandy Jefferys, run an equestrian center in Melbourne, the Equestrian Excellence . They give lessons and also train horses to shoot in movies and commercials.

"Hekan is like my secretary"

Always used to live among the horses, with whom he has knotted a very special bond, their dog never hesitates to help them. Hekan is not only an excellent horseman, but he also walks horses, gives them exercise, brings them back to their boxes, and brings to his owners all sorts of things they need to look after their horses.
"He's like my secretary," Steve laughs. "He does a lot of things for me."

Hekan proudly poses on his mount, Kiko

Hekan takes his great friends on a ride

Hekan watches Druller while Steve heals his hoofs