Health exams to be done before traveling with your cat

Before traveling with your cat, it is best to take him complete check-up at the vet . Prevention is better than cure ! Especially since a trip can cause a lot of stress to your cat, which can even make him sick! It is therefore better for your cat to be well before departure.
If you leave the territory, you must inquire about the vaccines to be performed (if any) and warn the veterinarian of your destination. You must then bring your cat's vaccination card and make any reminders if necessary. The veterinarian, during his examination, can also, if he detects an anomaly, carry out additional examinations: radiography, blood or urine analysis, ultrasound, etc.
In France, the anti-rabies vaccination is mandatory in rabies-infested departments, campsites and holiday centers. It can also be requested in case of custody of the cat (pension, pet-sitter...). For foreigners, you will be asked, in addition to the vaccination, a certificate of good health delivered by a veterinarian.
The vaccination against rabies is almost inevitable in a cat during a traveling abroad. But not all countries have anti-rabies regulations for domestic animals entering their territory (often developing countries in Asia or Africa).
However, as a precautionary measure, it is always necessary to vaccinate a traveling cat against rabies: local customs officials could block the animal on arrival for this lack of vaccination. But also, the vaccine is needed as a safety measure for the animal that goes into enzootic zone of rabies.
The list of countries infested or not with rabies evolves regularly. This information is available on the website //
Vet Council : Rabies vaccination requires an injection, the first time, at least one month before departure. Its validity will be one year, day to day. Be sure not to miss the recall date
Complementary examinations:
The titration of anti-rabies antibodies may also be required when traveling abroad. The threshold of validity of the titration is then at the decision of the requesting country. Also, special tests may be required to detect certain diseases.
Pest Control
Pest control treatments may also be applied to cats in some countries such as Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. You have to pay close attention to the deadlines in force as well as the authorized molecules.

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