He wakes up and surprises his dog doing something delirious (Video)

If you only have to watch one video today, this is it!

A few days ago, Erik Pendlebury learned an important lesson: his Husky breed also likes to do things alone. Especially when it comes to having fun . And that does not mean that she does not like spending time with her human.

That morning, Erik Pendlebury wakes up and hears noises coming from the garden. He decides to go see and does not believe his eyes. In front of him, his dog is having a real moment of fun while having fun jumping on the trampoline ! And the best is yet to come because when the dog realizes that she is observed, she stops all sharp and turns her head in the other direction, the air to say "I do not see what you're talking about nor the problem.

A really crazy scene that has been filmed and shared on social networks for our greatest happiness

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Anyway, we can not deny that this bitch trampoline like nobody ! Even more surprising, obviously this passion of the trampoline is quite common in dogs who love to play on it.

Like this, you are warned.

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