He tries to shoot his 7 puppies, but one of them shoots him!

A puppy who defends himself by shooting at his master? Impossible, you say, a baby dog ​​is a little adorable. But beware of prejudice, these little shepherds crossed, they do not let it go....

Jerry Allen Bradford, a 37-year-old American living in Florida, was overwhelmed by his seven puppies . He could have driven them to a shelter, but he decided to take a gun and shoot them one by one . He killed one, then two, then three, but arrived at the fourth, it's the surprise ...

Wounded, he leaves the other puppies alive

Indeed, one Siblings pups, held in the arms of the man during the bloodbath, inadvertently kicked the trigger of the 38-caliber pistol! The murderer was wounded in the arm and was forced to release the poor animals to the hospital.

Forced to tell the doctors how his dog had shot him, the situation was taken over , as reported by NBC News .

The small surviving hairballs were thus retrieved by a shelter while waiting to find a more loving home... When Jerry Allen Bradford, an investigation is under way to judge his case.