He trains his dog to go shopping

Deng Deng, a one-year-old sheepdog, has a rather special talent. If his canine counterparts know how to keep the flocks, he knows... shopping

His master, a 32-year-old Chinese man, trained him to carry shopping bags and then go to the store to look for provisions.

Is the young man handicapped? Not at all, he claims that his dog loves to wear things in his mouth from a young age, and that he is happy to go shopping.

Witness of his predispositions, the young master told him made a harness on which are fixed 2 bags, on each side of the dog. Deng Deng has only to go to the store with a shopping list and money in one of the bags, then he comes back with provisions and change!

It is hoped that Deng Deng has the right to a good reward on his return. It's the least of things with a dog so helpful!