He thinks he sees a pebble in the middle of the snow, but what he discovers is very different

cats, rescue

While no one seemed to be interested in this form in the middle of the snow, a man decided to throw an eye on it. and changed the destiny of an adorable cat in danger of death. It is when passing by car that a man named Slava was surprised by a form discovered in the distance

. As he approaches, he discovers that what he took for a pebble in the mirror is actually a cute little kitten 6 months, totally frozen and almost dead cold. To help the poor little feline, Slava gently wraps it in a blanket in order to warm it up a bit. He then takes him to the warmth in his car, puts the heat on and decides to call him Nika


Once the ice is gone, Slava decides to take the cat to his father where a cozy, warm bed is waiting for him.

"I think this little cat got lost and she could not find her way because of the snow. Then she just did not have the strength to move.

A trip to the vet Nika, who was taken to the vet by her human, had to be amputated from the tail because she had been too damaged by the cold. Two weeks later, the cat was totally recovered from her emotions

and found her place in her new family where she spends a lot of time playing and purrs as soon as she is cuddled.

A real beautiful story.