He takes his dog to the vet and makes a request that shocks everyone

Fortunately, the vet made the right choice for this adorable bitch.

A few days before Christmas, Tracy - a four-year-old boxer bitch - was taken to the vet by her owner who makes chain reproduction . Worried because the dog could no longer get a baby, the man wanted to know if she was still able. If not, he wanted it to be euthanized.

"He asked the vet if he could get it to have a litter, and if it was not, the only thing to do was for which he would pay would be euthanasia .

Knowing that the dog needed help and care most, the vet refused euthanasia and contacted an association so that she could take care of poor Tracy who was so skinny that she was was barely on his feet

A hungry dog ​​

After several exams and no improvement in his health, the vet finally understood why Tracy was so bad and even refused to eat. She was starving and was starving. In her "breeding", the bitch received nothing to eat and his whole body was the proof . Powered by a tube, the bitch began to recover from the beast and could then be entrusted to a host family to finally receive all the love it deserves.

Adopt a Boxer Rescue

In her new family, Tracy lives with four other Boxers and seems perfectly comfortable. She also eats very well. In a few weeks, Tracy could even be placed for adoption to meet her family for life. Meanwhile, she continues to get used to this new life , while an investigation has been launched to close the puppy mill from which she comes.

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