He steals his own dog from the vet to save him

What would you do if your vet told you that your dog should be euthanized unless you Do you have $ 1,700 (more than $ 1,235) to pay?

What would you do if this same veterinarian refuses to return your dog? This young 18-year-old New Zealander did not hesitate: he asked to see his dog, took him in his arms, and ran away as fast as possible.

Buck, the puppy 5 months owned by Bronson Stewart was struck by a car . Young Bronson runs to the vet who tells him that it will cost $ 1,700 to treat his broken hind leg.

Unfortunately young Bronson does not work and does not have that money in his pocket. As an alternative, the vet proposes to amputate his dog's paw for 547 $ (about 400 €)!

Bronson, who really wants to save his dog, offers to pay the veterinarian $ 5 per week to pay the price of the operation. Despite the good will of the young man, the veterinarian refused the offer and told him that he would have to euthanize his dog.

Poor Bronson can not even get his puppy: the veterinary practice refuses to to return him because he is "suffering" and must be relieved.

He then asked to see his dog. The caregiver allowed him to take Buck out of his cage and hug him. That's when Bronson fled as fast as he could while a veterinarian was chasing him.

Later, a member of the SCPA (equivalent of the SPA) went to his home to tell him he had to return the dog. Otherwise he risked being sued!

Supported by his father, the young Bronson refused and said he preferred to go to jail rather than let his dog die .

But all is Well that ends well: the local newspaper relayed the misadventure of Bronson and his dog. A solidarity movement was set up and the donations from the community flocked to pay for Buck's operation.

The local association of veterinarians responded by saying that the veterinarians have ethical duty and the obligation to do what it is in their power to save animals... whatever the price.

This time, solidarity has triumphed over the for greed, and Bronson said he wanted to repay his generous donors by mowing the lawns and taking out the trash!