He steals a mobile phone in the RER but everything does not go as planned...

Like every day, Malinka came out of AllCreatureAnimalClinic's office with his mistress Anaïs working there, when suddenly, something Unusual happened...

Taking the RER is Malinka's routine. Very wise, this brave cross-country Labrador - a full-fledged member of the AllCreatureAnimalClinic team - uses public transport every day with his mistress to go to the office in the morning, and returns home at night. She still sticks to the latter, lying behind her legs.

But last week, everything did not go as planned. While the RER A was crowded, the bitch, which is not very big, had the worst difficulties not to be trampled. It was precisely at this busy hour that a thief was in the train . He took the opportunity to steal the smartphone of a young woman, in the car where Malinka and Anaïs were entering.

Malinka allowed to stop the thief in his race

But while the perpetrator was trying to flee as the doors were closing, he stumbled... on Malinka . Stopped net in his race, the man was caught by a traveler witnessing the scene. The thief, caught in the act, was forced to return the phone, spitting the passage in the face of the man who held him. "At the moment, Malinka did not react, while the thief must have hurt him... In any case, it allowed him to catch up with him," says Anaïs.

Despite appearances, the dog did not not escaped unscathed from this mishap. The very next day, she started crying out plaintively when she moved or someone tried to touch her. "I thought it was mostly psychological, as she is sensitive, "continues Anaïs. But as the hours passed, the situation only deteriorated. Anaïs took her dog to a first veterinarian, but he could not really diagnose it.

Yet Malinka was suffering more and more. So Anaïs had to bring her to another veterinarian for a radio performed under general anesthesia. " I was afraid that she might have something serious! ," recalls the teacher.

But fortunately, she could only be relieved by taking the results of the radio: " Malinka has a large hematoma , or at most, a muscle tear that may have hit a tendon, "she says, relieved. "The thief really had to give it a big blow so it hurt so bad, but I'm surprised I did not see anything," she says.

Since then, Malinka has been recovering smoothly. However, this accident caused her anguish when she took the RER; Anaïs will have to work on it. The dog must take anti-inflammatory for one month and spare no effort. She's already doing better, and at AllCreatureAnimalClinic, her human and canine colleagues rejoice!

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