He sings in his bathtub and it displeases his cat who will make him understand (Video)

And not in the sweet way!

It is well known, cats have their little character and do not like being disturbed in their comfort. Brad Johnsen has recently discovered it and will not soon forget it !

It all starts when Brad Johnsen is quietly sitting in his bathtub singing. A song not quite like the others since he invented it and tells how his cat hates when he sings ! And it does not fail since the cat is positioned in front of the bathtub and begins to fix his master with a sustained look.

But what does it matter, Brad Johnsen continues his song knowing full well that it annoys his cat. Tired of being patient, the cat then jumps on the phone of his master who falls into the water.

A way like any other to convey the message that the song is no ! Below you can see this rather funny video.

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