He sees his dog being run over, goes to the emergency room and ends up in jail (Video)

Some people are desperate for their pet

Peter Rogaishio promised that he would do anything to save his dog's life if he needed it. And that's what he did. It was in Massachusetts that this story unfolded. While outside, Peter Rogaishio saw his Thor named Doberman rush towards the street and be hit twice by cars. A horrible scene that the man would have preferred never to attend.

"I heard a big bang and a few seconds later I heard a roar that upset me (...) He was lying in the middle of the street so I dragged him to the side and called for help.

Once the police are there, the officers are trying everything to help poor Thor, but time is running out and nothing really seems to work. This is where Peter Rogaishio made an important decision. He placed his dog in his truck and stormed , regardless of speed limits.

A little trick through the prison cell to save his dog

On the way, Peter Rogaishio obviously crosses several police officers who find that he drives far too quickly and dangerously by making forbidden overtaking. He is then chased by the police and forced to stop at a roadblock. There, Peter Rogaishio is arrested and sent to prison while his dog is accompanied to the nearest veterinary clinic for treatment. And this is all his master wanted to do, only to help poor Thor.

Peter Rogaishio, released from prison after a few hours, does not regret his act of madness. For his part, Thor suffers from three fractures and was in a bad state, but he will survive this accident . It all ends well.

"It's such a good dog that I will do everything to save him. We got him when he was only two months old and that's all we have. He's my definition of happiness, he's my all .

Below you can relive this story in video.

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