He sees a cat come into his house and drop a kitten, but he had not planned the following

Such a beautiful

Everything begins when a little tiger cat enters a man named Vincent by a cat. In love with animals, Vincent tries to approach the cat that seems to look for something, but she goes away, obviously a little stressed. But a few minutes later, Tala - that's how he decided to name it - was back with a kitten in his mouth . Vincent then prepared a comfortable bed so that they could sit comfortably and stay warm.

Kittens galore

To Vincent's surprise, Tala did not settle in the basket but drop his kitten and leave. A few minutes later, she comes back with a black kitten and puts it in the basket before leaving to look for the others. That until the five little kittens are well settled , all together.

After this long journey, Tala was finally able to settle down a bit to eat and drink. She now knew that her kittens were all safe, that she had chosen for them the right place. And she was right.

A new life for the small family

Can not take care of so many kittens, Vincent posted an ad on social networks to find a host family among his contacts used to rescues . That's how Kaitlyn and Sam welcomed the whole family and named the kittens Maui, Moana, Neilani, Ohana, and Kiko .

A few weeks later, all the kittens found their host family after having had the chance to live with their mom in their host family. It only remains for Tala to find her family for life, which should not be long before she is so adorable.

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