He sees 4 dogs around a blanket, approaches and calls the police

The shock.

It is well known that dogs are animals of exemplary loyalty who have a lot of love to give. The story of these four stray dogs is nothing more than a demonstration of how dogs can be extraordinary .

As he was returning home through the forest, Professor Ulnas Chowdhury sees four stray dogs. He then hears a strange sound and listens to the ear while approaching the dogs. He then notices that next to the dogs is a small cover .

Ulnas Chowdhury approaches again and finds that the cover is moving and that small sounds escape. He rushes to see what he's doing and discovers a swaddled little girl. It was then that he understood that the dogs were actually there to protect the infant until the rescue arrived. Desperate to protect the infant by 7 days, the dogs have not moved.

Ulnas Chowdhury calls for help and neighbors come to help him, even bringing milk for the starving girl. Then the teacher takes the baby home pending the arrival of the police .

Without these four stray dogs, the girl would have had no chance of surviving alone in nature.

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