It saves two kittens in a sorry state and transforms them into beautiful cats

Another beautiful proof of the power of love.

A year ago, a man discovered two adorable red kittens hidden under a raised walkway. The kittens were in poor condition and totally terrified . So he made the decision to take care of them to give them a second chance in life.

Volunteer for the Cat Cuddle Cafe Brisbane , the man decides to set several traps in order to recover those two balls of hair that preferred to hide. Once captured, the two 5-week-old kittens quickly learned to trust their new human.

Hunter and Zissou , the two kittens were treated to prolonged and repeated cuddling sessions. in order to get used to human contact and to learn to enjoy it. After a few days, the two kittens have already begun to change and especially they became inseparable.

A new life for Zissou and Hunter

Today much larger, Zissou and Hunter have become two big, very affectionate tomcats. A little over a year old, the two brothers can not do without each other and have each developed their own character.

Since their arrival, another cat redhead - also saved from the street - came to complete this beautiful cat family to the delight of everyone

Like what, with patience and love, we can do miracles.

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