He saves his 46 dogs from a kennel in flames

When he receives a call in the middle of the night to warn him that his kennel is on fire James's blood is just a trick. He jumps up and drives all flames to the disaster site a few miles from his home in St Petersburg, Florida.

James runs a kennel in which he takes care of his 46 Greyhounds , real racing beasts, full of energy and love. He knows that his trade leads to controversy ; he knows that many people hate dog races because dishonest people have no problem in euthanizing the " bad race beasts ."

But he has it in his blood, his whole family trains dogs for the race, and he bathes in animal love since he was a kid. " Greyhounds do not judge you, they do not ask you a question. They are always there for you when you need them.

James knows his 46 dogs on his fingertips , he knows what each of them likes and 'do not like. But when he arrives in front of the building that spits flames of more than 6 meters, he loses hope.

Yet when he enters the kennel, all the dogs are alive and happy to see him. They stir the excitation tail and do not seem to realize that they are in great danger . James rushes into the bottom cages and opens them one by one to the front door.

In just a few minutes, he has released his 46 adored dogs. It was time because a few moments later, the roof of the kennel collapsed. The damage is estimated at more than 44,000 euros, but James relativizes: " I arrived in front of a building on fire, and I come out with 46 dogs alive! "