It saves a drowning dog, the reaction of the doggie goes around the world (Video)

So moving...

It is not for nothing that we say that the dog is the best friend of man, and it is certainly not the video below that will make you think otherwise. Fortunately, the reciprocal is sometimes true too.

Trapped in the water, the poor dog could no longer come to the surface despite several attempts to find land and finally get safe. Fortunately for him, men were then in the corner and decided to come to his rescue .

Once next to the dog, the man seized by the skin of the blow to the cross without touching the water. And a few seconds later, the dog is safe again .

A dog very happy to have been saved

If this rescue in itself deserves to be seen, the dog reaction even more. Obviously very happy to be on land and to have been rescued, the little dog jumps in all directions , lets himself cuddle and pushes small noises, as if to thank his savior.

Posted on the social networks, the video of this rescue made almost 10 million views and thus went around the web. You can discover her below.

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