It saves a bitch from certain death by mobilizing netizens

Without Ryan, a young firefighter from Philadelphia, the dog Guenevere, a Pitbull 3 years old, would not be alive today. On June 30, she took refuge in the barracks where he works, using his last strength to get there The poor beast was indeed badly injured, but his instinct guided him to this barracks, as if she knew that here, someone would take care of her .

When Ryan and his colleagues found the injured animal, agonizing, they contacted the animal control service . Alas, they were informed that if the dog was not adopted within 48 hours, she would be euthanized. No way for Ryan to let this bitch die. He felt that she wanted to live and he decided to do everything possible to help him.

1500 euros collected in 2 days to treat the dog

The young man then had the idea of appeal to the generosity of Internet users who love animals. He called for donations on the GoFundMe website to raise enough money for treatment of Guenevere.

To his surprise, and to his delight, some $ 2,000 ($ 1500) euros) were gathered in just two days

On the road to a new life

For Carrie Hutchinson, one of the veterinarians who took care of the dog, Guenevere was certainly used as dog bait . "I think she was hung up many times, and her owners let other dogs attack her," says the one who operated the bitch and cared for her many injuries.

In addition to the operation and stitches that have closed her wounds, the bitch has to take antibiotics to fight the infections she suffers.

Ryan and his fiancée Emily have decided to keep Guenevere with them until she is well on her feet and ready to be adopted. "I have not stopped crying. I've been crying since I learned his story The fact that you can hurt an animal is beyond me," says Emily.

Guenevere should quickly recover, and it could be adopted very quickly. A family would have already manifested itself to offer him his home and his love.