He runs to rescue a wounded cat and has a huge surprise

Appearances are sometimes misleading...

Whereas he was walking quietly down the street, an imgur user nicknamed Honeyflowers saw a cat lying on the ground in the distance. Immediately, he thinks that the poor tomcat was knocked over by a car, especially since it seems to have blood around around him.

Without thinking any more, Honeyflowers rushes to the poor cat in order to rescue him and take him to the vet if necessary.

When approaching the cat, Honeyflowers has a huge surprise since he quickly notices that the cat is not hurt at all. The blood he thought he saw was actually only dried paint , and the cat lying on the ground just a cat taking a nap in the sun.

Hearing him approaching from him, the cat has also woken up, moderately happy to be disturbed in this way during his nap !

A story that ends well for everyone.

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