He robs a car, finds a dog in it, and makes a horrible decision

A scene that was entirely filmed by a surveillance camera.

A few days ago in San Francisco, a man in his thirties introduced himself in a parking lot and burglarized a car .

Unexpected detail

After breaking the glass of the car, the man is surprised to find himself facing a Chihuahua dog . A meeting he did not expect at all. Taken by surprise, the man then grabs the poor animal and approaches the guardrails. A few seconds later, he balances him on the seventh floor, giving him no chance of survival .

Once back to his car, the owner of the dog - named Dunky - finds traces of blood and understands that his car has been robbed. He thinks at first that the animal has fled, but quickly realize that it is not. He then contacts the police and thanks to the CCTV cameras, he realizes the awful truth .

Still thanks to the video surveillance, the culprit could be quickly identified by the police and arrested. He will be tried for burglary, but also for animal cruelty and illegal carrying of weapons.

As for the little Chihuahua, he died of his fall from the seventh floor.