He risks his life to save that of a dog in distress

Luna, little bitch from Bogota (Colombia) had a lot of luck: stuck in the balustrade of the balcony of the apartment of his mistress, she could have fallen into the void and die without the intervention of her neighbor...

Diego Andrés Dávilla Jimenez is a hero like we do little ! While he was quietly at home, his life rocked after a phone call warning him that a drama was about to happen: the bitch of his neighbor - absent - had just caught in the balustrade balcony and was thus suspended in the void, on the 13th e floor of the building.

Neither one nor two, he was then eager to fly to his rescue.

Seeing that his attempt to help him up with a broom did not work, he began to climb the facade. " The truth is, I did not think about the consequences. I did not look down , he told The Dodo . And he succeeded!

" When her mistress returned after an hour, she was in tears! She was very grateful to me because she loves this dog, "he said admitting that - if his crazy initiative had been widely praised - he had been lectured by his mother because from the fear he had caused it.

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