It saves a dog thrown in a ditch and discovers its terrible secret

Life is sometimes very cruel with the animals...

The last thing Ricardo D'Amico expected while taking his bike to go for a ride, was to save a life . But that's what happened when he came across an animal that really needed his help.

A puppy abandoned in a blanket

Ricardo D 'is on a country road in Texas Amico saw something at the bottom of a ditch: a blanket. As he approaches, he quickly notices that there is something in the cover. He is a puppy and the latter seems to need help .

Scared and alone, the black and white pup seems to be able to barely move as long as he is suffering. Not knowing exactly what to do, Ricardo D'Amico contacts one of his friends who deals with an association that helps animals.

A very disturbing wound

"We first thought that the puppy had been thrown from a car into the ditch, but on closer inspection I noticed that the wounds did not match. There was too much blood , "explains Ricardo D'Amico at site Thedodo

Immediately, the puppy is taken to the veterinary emergencies and on the spot the vet also seems a little perplexed by all this blood when there is no trace of injury. It is finally the blood tests which will reveal the terrible secret of this puppy: he was poisoned .

Without losing a second, the puppy then receives a transfusion to fight against the poisoning which is already very advanced. Very sick, the puppy seemed more and more bad and Ricardo D'Amico was convinced never to see him again.

A real miracle

But the next day, it is the general surprise. The puppy is like a charm and eats even alone. He is so fit that he can even join a foster family in which he will receive all the care and love he needs.

That's how Lincoln is - that's the name he received - started a new life surrounded by love in a host family. Gently, he regained his strength and learned to play and behave like a real dog. Once ready, he will join his family for life for a new start.

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