He re-enacts cult scenes with... his dog!

The least we can say is that the redditor mmspp does not lack humor or imagination! This young man has been laughing at the web for a few days, thanks to photos of his dog to say the least original .
He did not just post pictures cute doggie like so many others before him. No, mmspp had the odd idea of ​​replaying with the dog some scenes of cult movies, all more romantic than the others.
From Dirty Dancing to Brokeback Mountain's Secret , Top Gun, Titanic and Spiderman : the result is simply hilarious

Wrigley, it is the little name of the doggie, is actually the dog of his boss. This one brought him with him to work, and that's how a great and beautiful love story was born!

Dirty Dancing



The Hunger Games

A World for Us (Say Anything)

The Graduate

Sixteen Candles for Sam (16 Candles)

Never Forget (The Notebook)

Top Gun

Brokeback Mountain