He passes a radio to a tired Shar Pei, what he sees is totally crazy (Video)

According to the veterinarian, this was the "craziest" surgery of his career.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Chris Rispoli has been practicing that veterinarian in the city of Edmond in Oklahoma. And the least we can say is that will never forget his meeting with Dovey , a Shar Pei not quite like the others.

A story of pacifiers

It all starts when Dovey's masters realize that several teats belonging to their baby can not be found. Naturally, parents initially think that pacifiers have been lost in public places or under furniture. But it was nothing .

"We have a six-month-old baby at home and of course we have a lot of pacifiers!

But when Dovey started behaving in a bizarre way, losing weight and throwing up , his masters decided to take him to the vet for examination. On the spot, the dog passes a radio and it is there that the veterinarian explains that it has in fact swallowed several nipples. It will be necessary to operate Dovey to get them out.

This is where things get totally crazy since this are no less than 21 pacifiers that came out of the body of the dog! After a period of rest to recover from the operation, the bitch should have no sequel.

And the veterinarian reminds that it is always necessary to contact your veterinarian when your dog changes his behavior in order to take no risk with his

Below you can discover this story in video.

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