He lets his dog die of hunger, and only receives 3 months of suspended sentence

dogs, cruelty, abuse, justice

Too much scared? Alerted by a neighbor, the police had found an Argentinian Dogue who died at an inhabitant of Hayange in Moselle. Discovered in

skeletal condition, the dog died of starvation. His owner had found him guilty. The poor dog died in terrible conditions, and his master, though unable to explain the reason, acknowledged the facts. However, the court of Thionville did not consider that the culprit should be sentenced to a penalty of around 2 years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros (maximum sentence in the case of an act of cruelty on an animal). He only gets away with 3 months of suspended sentence and the lifetime ban on the possession of an animal.

He will also have to pay 750 euros in damages to several animal protection associations that have taken civil action at the trial.