He kills his dog by throwing him out the window and gives an explanation that will revolt

An unspeakable act.

It all starts in January 2016. A thirty-year-old threatens to kill himself by discovering that his ex has redone his life without him. Fortunately, his mother arrives on time and prevents him from committing the irreparable. Visibly disturbed, the man decides to throw his dog out the window. The 8-month old Malinois Shepherd will not survive this fall of three floors .

Asked about this act of great cruelty, the man will explain in front of the justice that this dog reminded him too much of his ex and he could not stand it anymore. While adding regret strongly his act because his dog was like his child.

"It's my ex who sold me the dog. Whenever I saw him, it reminded me of her. I am sorry. I miss my dog. He was like my child ,

Hospitalized shortly thereafter, the 30-year-old suffered a psychiatric assessment which revealed that his discernment was impaired during the drama

Heard by the criminal court of Rennes on August 30 for an act of cruelty towards an animal, the man was sentenced to a sentence of three months imprisonment suspended and put to the proof and a ban on owning an animal for 5 years.

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