He kills and burns kittens and gives a revolting excuse


In Massachusetts, a man was accused of killing several kittens. It all starts when the owner of a farm has contacted the police after being stolen and threatened by this man. But things did not stop there. When the police arrived, the family members explained that they thought that the man in question also killed

. As proof, a woman showed SMS and photos sent by the man

where he explains killing kittens and shows the bodies of the poor beasts.

"One of the kittens bit my favorite kitten. So I threw it against the wall and put it under the table, "said the man. The police added that the man had also confessed having burned

kittens. To explain his gesture, the man simply indicated that he was very bored and that he did it for fun.

The man is being prosecuted for cruelty against animals and murder of several cats